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Tickets: $65 | Members $55

Young At Art Museum’s 17th Annual Recycled Fashion Show: South Florida Wild Restyled was on Saturday, April 13 from 5-8pm! As YAA marks three and a half decades of igniting teen imagination, we proudly showcased the innovative, environmentally mindful creations of local designers from Broward high schools and PACE Center for Girls. The night was full of inspiring sustainable couture, interactive art experiences, decadent refreshments, and an exclusive raffle. Proceeds from the event support YAA’s Museum Programming and Community Initiatives, empowering low-income families and at-risk teen girls. It was an unforgettable evening of fashion and philanthropy!

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Andrea, Savannah, and Delilah



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Behind the Garments that Walked the Runway:

Garment #1


Designer: Zion

Age: 17
School: Charles W. Flanagan
Model: Kaylie
Animal: Purple Gallinule
Environmental Issue: Water levels, pollution, and runoff water
Material: Party streamers and plastic from the dry cleaners
Favorite Part: Layering all the pieces

Garment #2


Designer: Mackenzie

Age: 14
School: Tequesta Trace Middle School
Model: Nahlany
Animal: Python
Environmental Issue: Burmese pythons causing a severe decline in mammal populations throughout the everglades.
Material: Chip bags
Favorite Part: Designing it

Garment #3


Designer: Fernanda

Age: 13
School: Keys Gate Charter School
Model: Alison
Animal: Turtle
Environmental Issue: Turtles getting caught in fishing net
Material: Newspaper
Favorite Part: Definitely the process of being with everyone and learning new things

Garment #4


Designer: Bianca

Age: 16
School: College Academy
Model: Merlissa
Animal: Florida Panther
Environmental Issue: Mercury poisoning in the rain is killing the Florida panther in their habitats.
Material: Plastic bags and plastic water bottles, casings, and labels
Favorite Part: Was making the materials transform

Garment #5


Designers: Hadas, Carleigh, and Evelyn

Age: 14-17
School: PACE Center for Girls Broward
Model: Carleigh
Animal: Python
Environmental Issue: Pythons are an invasive species in the Everglades, disrupting the ecosystem and causing irregular populations of their prey.
Material: Bottle Caps
Favorite Part: Constructing and organizing the bottle caps

Garment #6


Designers: Jayden, Kylie, Oceana, and Amyjah

Age: 14-17
School: PACE Center for Girls Broward
Model: Jayden
Animal: Miami Blue Butterfly
Environmental Issue: The Miami Blue Butterfly is endangered by climate change and rising sea levels in their habitat.
Material: Clear plastic sheets
Favorite Part: Transforming and giving new life to an upcycled dress

Garment #7


Designers: Andrea, Savannah, and Delilah

Age: 14-17
School: PACE Center for Girls Broward
Model: Andrea
Animal: Peacock
Environmental Issue: The overpopulation of peacocks in residential areas causes, disruption, damage to cars, and predation of small animals including pets.
Material: Plastic Spoons
Favorite Part: Learning to sew and see through our design from beginning to end

Garment #8


Designer: Lydia

Age: 15
School: NSU University School
Model: Kennedi
Animal: Bald Eagle
Environmental Issue: Habitat loss and degradation due to human activities
Material: Plastic bags, foil, paper, bubble wrap, and cardboard
Favorite Part: Constructing the dress and working through each process along the way

Garment #9


Designer: Juliana

Age: 13
School: Keys Gate Charter High School
Model: Luna
Animal: Manatee
Environmental Issue: Manatees get killed every year and injured through boat striking.
Material: Juice pouches
Favorite Part: Seeing my sketch come to life little by little



Julian Chang

Julian was born in Lima Peru raised in a multicultural environment. At the age of 17, he moved to Miami Florida where he attended Miami International University of Art & Design. Shortly afterwards he created a small evening collection under his own label “Julian Chang” and his designs were on their way to the wardrobes of Miami’s Elite. He opened his showroom on Miami’s Upper East Side on 2012, He launched his Contemporary Women’s collection in 2016, selling to over 600 boutiques across the country and internationally. In 2024 he opened his multi brand boutique in Pinecrest, Florida. Julian resides in Miami.


Stephanie Miot

My name is Stephanie Miot, and I am a recent graduate of FIF, where I proudly secured first place in the graduation competition. Embarking on an exciting journey, I am thrilled to announce my upcoming presentation at NYFW. Throughout my academic journey, I actively participated in various renowned shows such as Art Basel, Art Deco, and Miami Swim Week. Inspired by my experiences and driven by passion, I am now venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship with the launch of my own brand, MIOT05, specializing in semi-formal streetwear.

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