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YAA celebrated greater awareness of The Florida Everglades and the talent of our local teen designers with the 16th Annual Recycled Fashion Show, Everglades Restyled. Witness YAA’s most creative runway garments yet as talented teen designers debut their original couture looks made from recycled materials representing the diverse ecosystem of the Everglades, unique to South Florida and the environmental threats impacting it. For over three decades YAA has inspired generations of artists to find their own artistic voice. Teen designers ages 13 to 18 from local high schools showcased their sustainable, recycled, couture fashions in a NY style fashion show in support of YAA on Saturday, April 15, 2023. The teen designers are made up of Broward Scholastic Art & Writing Winners, YAA’s Volunteer Leadership Program, and YAA’s Girls Empowered Program at PACE Center of Broward. By participating in YAA’s teen fashion workshops each designer received free college level coursework with introductory design, pattern-making, and sewing. To support programs such as this please consider making a donation to Young At Art, proceeds raised benefit Museum Programming and Community Initiatives that serve low-income children, families, and at-risk teen girls. Join us for the Recycled Fashion Show next year!

Before the curtains open on the runway, guests can enjoy interactive installations and art making experiences at YAA’s Main Museum location within Broward Mall. A selection of light bites and beverages provided by Red Chair Catering, Planet Grilled Cheese, Lime Fresh, Regal Cinemas, and Milo’s Tea will be available to enjoy. Adding to the excitement of the night is a virtual silent auction with entertainment options to fine art. Also a Museum activation from Visit Barbados. Throughout the museum guests will find art experiences for all ages and more exclusive offerings for the special evening!

Virtual Silent Auction

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The Runway Show Starts at 6:30pm

* Seating will begin at 6pm

See the 16th Annual Recycled Fashion Show garments on Display at the NSU Alvin Sherman Library’s Wild Miami Exhibit. 

See Wild Miami Exhibit now at NSU Alvin Sherman Library and at YAA in June!


Behind the Garments Walking the Runway:

Garment #1


Designer: Bianca    Model: Jokebed

Environmental Issue: Deforestation and Draining in the Everglades
Materials: Newspaper, Magazines, Wipes, Water Bottles

“My dress is based on deforestation and draining in the Everglades. I chose to use paper because my inspiration comes from Mark Bradford, who uses paper in a really artistic way. I decided on both newspaper and magazines because of their colors and auras. Newspaper being dull and industrial, like sky scrapers and offices and the magazines being full of color, representing diverse, vibrant nature. The dress itself is paper mâché which consisted of cutting multiple pieces of paper, creating a cardboard mold, and plastering all of the parts. Deforestation is a really important topic because of how much of the Everglades we consumed just to create more homes and businesses. Hence, giving more than 90% of my dress is covered by the newspaper and why I have the protruding buildings on the shoulder, along with the words — MOVE OVER.”

Garment #2


Designer: Delilah as Model

Environmental Issue: Mangrove Migration
Material: Plastic Bottles, Caps, and Upcycled Dress

“The design is based on mangroves; the recycled water bottles represent the mangrove leaves and roots. My favorite part of making the dress was adding the recycled materials to the upcycled dress.”

Garment #3


Designers: Zhai, Shanyia, and Sarah as Model

Environmental Issue: Pollution Affecting the Everglades
Material: Magazines and Upcycled Dress

“The best part about making the dress was coming up with an idea of how our dress would convey the message of “pollution”. What we learned while creating this garment is trying to bring your imagination to life is hard.”

Garment #4


Designer: Nicole    Model: Victoria

Environmental Issue: Water pollution in the Everglades caused by phosphorus in agriculture and storm water runoff
Material: Clear Plastic Waste, Recycled Cloth

“Phosphorus in agriculture is red, which is why I made the base of my dress red. I made it look like a raincoat in relation to the water pollution and storm water runoff. I wanted it to look the most modern possible, representing that more recently people have been moving into South Florida and more of the Everglades is polluted. The design comes from the inspiration of the Metaverse.”

Garment #5


Designer: Ace    Model: Jazara

Environmental Issue: Climate Change & WildFires
Material: Chip Bags, Mixed Media, and Upcycled Dress

“We need to be careful with our planet, we only have one. Recycle as much as possible.”

Garment #6


Designer: Meilin    Model: Sophia

Environmental Issue: Urban Development
Materials: Feminine Hygiene Products, Plastic Wrappers, Garbage Bags

“The weaving pattern of my dress is the abstract version of the urban grid and how it has taken over the Everglades.”

Garment #7


Designers: Miley and Samantha as Model

Environmental Issue: Plastic Waste Affecting Wildlife
Material: Plastic Straws and Upcycled Dress

“We used cut-up plastic straws to create a pattern and layers of fringe. We hot glued all the straws to the base of our dress. I would like everyone to understand what the impact that plastic goods have on the environment. For example, turtles chew and choke on plastic. We have to start being more aware of how we are using and disposing of plastic goods.”

Garment #8


Designers: Crystal    Model: Alice

Environmental Issue: Mercury Pollution
Material: Promotional Drawstring Bags from Events

“My garment is inspired by mercury pollution in the Everglades. It is found in the water and in some of its animal population. For the past decade, mercury level in the Everglades has been seven times higher than federal safety limits. The reason that this happens is that the Everglades is near large source of mercury such as coal-burning power plants and waste incinerators. It has contributed to species’ poor reproductive success, especially Florida Panthers. My garment is made of draw string bags. The navy color represents the body of water of the Everglades. The silver color represents the mercury in it. I want everyone to understand that mercury is deadly and must be reduced.”

Garment #9


Designers: Alison    Model: Amara

Environmental Issue: Invasive Species; The Monk Parakeet
Material: Reused Plastic Table Clothes

“This species competes for resources with native wildlife and impacts Florida agriculture. The green variation and white represents the aesthetic features of the bird and the large draping of plastic represents the flocks of birds and their negative effects.”

Garment #10


Designers: Khandi, Theresa, and Nakayla as Model

Environmental Issue: Invasive Species; The Burmese Python
Materials: Cloth Masks, Spoons, Recycled Cloth, and Leaves

“The environmental issue that impacts this design is Invasive Species. The python especially inspires this dress. Our vision was to embody a snake in a dress to show one of the issues in the Everglades. The vision of the dress was also to utilize the plastic spoons and recycle masks to make impact.”

Congratulations Winners!

1st Place

Bianca Cadet

2nd Place

Meilin Cuevas Luy

3rd Place

Crystal Huang

People's Choice

Samantha & Miley

Featured Artist: Sonya Sanchez Arias

Born and raised on the cosmopolitan and bustling Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Sonya conveys the island’s fusion of color and abundance of artistic and cultural expressions with her PAPER DRESSES – each dress is entirely handmade from paper. Crediting her earliest influence to her mother’s creativity as an artist and costume maker. These intricately made PAPER DRESSES are yet another example of Sonya’s everyday work, transforming that which others see as ordinary into the sublime and extraordinary.

“When I make a piece, I create something that has never existed before, whether it’s found objects transformed into a mixed media assemblage, a photograph, or a piece of jewelry or fashions formed from recycled materials. I am always hopeful that through the process of excavating, discovering, and exposing my life’s influences and experiences, my art connects people, bringing understanding and perspectives that have the potential to challenge norms and expectations. ” – Sonya Sanchez Arias

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