Join us every Thursday!

Get creative with a hands-on workshop led by local, professional artists who will demonstrate their techniques and showcase their art.

All are welcome!

Erica Marie Jones

Thursday, June 16 at 11am

Explore both traditional and modern West African/Caribbean dance techniques and historical perspectives with Ms. Marie, Program Director of African Roots Culture. As a special guest artist, Marie will guide us through the history of her organization and the shared classes that she teaches in African Art, Culture, African and Caribbean Dance and Drum techniques.

Natasha Tomchin

Thursday, June 23 at 11am

Design a tropical pencil case with special guest artist, Natasha Tomchin by sponge painting neighborhood Florida leaves. Tomchin is an artist, designer, and coder who shares a fascination with natural phenomena. Born in Belarus and raised in Nebraska, she’s called Miami home for the last ten years. Inspired by the clouds and lush flora, her art draws directly from her surroundings in an effort to connect more deeply with nature.

Marie Berlin

Thursday, June 30 at 11am

Create a one-of-kind Jamaican inspired, mixed media mask using found objects and natural materials with YAA CEO and special guest artist, Marie Berlin. With long-standing experience in the museum and non-profit field, Berlin specializes in arts and educational endeavors. Born in Jamaica and raised in South Florida, she has served at YAA for thirteen years.

David Goboff

Thursday, July 7 at 11am

Build a circus shadow puppet with special guest artist, David Goboff! He grew up on Long Island in New York, moving to Florida in 1996 with Debbie and two kids, Tanya and Bill. He now lives in Weston with his lovely wife, and his youngest daughter, Lauren. Goboff earned a BFA in Theater and has his own puppet company called, Simply Puppets. The business came into existence as a platform for performing with his family. 

Lisa Rockford

Thursday, July 14 at 11am

Explore non-traditional block printing with special guest artist, Lisa Rockford, and incorporate textures and museum objects! Raised in Palm Beach County, FL, Lisa earned her BFA in Painting and BS in Art Therapy from Bowling Green State University in 1999, and a Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rockford is an established artist, curator, and educator. She currently holds rank as a tenured Assistant Professor in the Fine Arts department at Broward College.

Manuel Aguilera

Thursday, July 21 at 11am

Create a character with special guest artist, Manuel Aguilera. He is a full-time illustrator and character designer who also designs mascots and T-shirts.

M. Christine Landis

Thursday, July 28 at 11am

Draw and paint a summer beachscape with special guest artist, M. Christine Landis, who has created many videos on her YouTube channel teaching how to draw and paint a variety of subjects. She is a self-taught artist and muralist and works prominently in seascapes, capturing a sense of peace, contentment, and rightness. Christine strives to present the beauty she sees in the world around her, and the communion each of us has with our domain and its other inhabitants. She was born in Dallas, Texas, and currently resides in South Florida. Christine is a member of the National League of American Pen Women – Ft. Lauderdale Chapter, and the Gold Coast Watercolor Society.

Bunny Sheffield

Thursday, August 4 at 11am

Create your own watercolor painting with special guest artist, Bunny Sheffield. She specializes in nature and still life by combining interesting plays of light and shadow with color. Bunny has studied with internationally acclaimed artists Soon Y. Warren and Cheng Khee Chee, as well as nationally recognized artists Ann Pember, Margaret M. Martin, and Anne Abgott. She is a Signature member and former Co-President of the Gold Coast Watercolor Society.

Mindy Shrago

Thursday, August 11 at 11am

Build a Yayoi Kusama-inspired spotted bagel with special guest artist and YAA Founder, Mindy Shrago. Her ceramic work explores the alteration of subject matter; images are removed from their natural state and redefined by integrating imagery. Shrago redefines objects and space, creating a sense of freedom and an escape from reality. She has exhibited her work throughout the country including recent exhibitions at The Art and Culture Center (Hollywood), Wayfarers (New York City), The Projects (FAT Village, Ft. Lauderdale)