Get creative with hands-on workshops led by professional local artists who will demonstrate their techniques and showcase their art. The artists, ranging from visual to performing arts, will guide you through workshops covering art making, dance, performance, music, spoken word, cultural arts, and more!

All are welcome!

*No workshop on Thursday, July 4th

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Artist Workshop

Thursday, June 13 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, June 20 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, June 27 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, July 11 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, July 18 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, July 25 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, August 1 at 4pm

Artist Workshop

Thursday, August 8 at 4pm

King Redd


"Super Mario World" Workshop

Thursday, June 15 at 11am

Learn how to sketch and paint:
Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Ghost, Mushroom, and Coin

Talk about superheros with King Redd, also known as Pierre, an Afro-Caribbean artist born in St. Crioix in the mid-80s. At the age of three, he came to the States with his mother and settled in Miami. As the youngest of five, his single mother raised him bestowing upon him old-fashioned values coupled with comic books and game consoles. His interest in entrepreneurship brought him into the creative business as a simultaneous tattoo artist. Pierre is a Miami-based artist and designer who draws inspiration from pop culture and his youth in Miami.

TJ Morrell


"Book Cover Making" Workshop

Thursday, June 22 at 11am

Create your own book cover with TJ Morrell, the Science & Education Specialist for The Billfish Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL as well as a contributing author to Wild Miami, a vibrant, family-friendly guide to the unexpected nature found in and around Miami. Having worked with multiple programs related to or focused on fisheries management, biological sampling, and data management, he has a passion for ensuring fisheries populations and oceanic trends are closely monitored for future generations. As a co-founder of a local nonprofit MORAES in Miami, he has focused both his professional career and personal life on environmental advocacy, hoping to provide others with opportunities to follow their passions as well. From volunteering with marine mammal strandings through MARS to acting as the lead safety instructor for NOAA, to even becoming a certified python wrangler, he continues to learn and gain experience in all aspects of environmental science.

JaShae Jones


"Express Yourself" Workshop

Thursday, June 29 at 12:30pm

Write Along – an interactive creative expression workshop that utilizes the foundations of poetry and creative writing to bring out the inner writer in us all.

JaShae Jones is a writer, singer, actress and educator. Known as The Poetic Songstress, Ms. Jones utilizes her love of poetry and songwriting to impact all those she encounters. An active member of Art Prevails Project, JaShae also spreads her love of the creative process to students across South Florida through workshops and masterclasses.

David Goboff


"Paper Puppet" Workshop

Thursday, July 6 at 2:00pm

Make a classic paper finger puppet by layering paper and build your characters personality with scrap paper details!

Join us for a delightfully playful experience as David Goboff of Simply Puppets joins Young At Art Museum this summer break, guiding you through the creation of a timeless paper finger puppet using only paper, glue, scissors, and markers! Unleash your imagination as you design and construct your unique character, and later showcase their charm through an entertaining performance. This workshop welcomes participants of all ages, and we encourage you to arrive promptly at 2pm to hear David share insights into the captivating history of paper puppets. Stay for the full hour to delve into the artist’s creative process and breathe life into your very own custom puppet.

Tricia Cooke


"Scrappy Sculpture" Workshop

Thursday, July 13 at 1:30pm

Artists’ imaginations will run wild with the possibilities found and recycled materials present! Using a variety of techniques and materials, students will learn to “think 3D” and transform discarded and found materials into masterpieces. We will explore color, texture, repetition, balance, and how their finished projects will be displayed! Most importantly, we will be playful with materials and create something brand-new.

Tricia is a sculptor, working in fibers and mixed-media. She teaches at the University of Miami as well as workshops and camps around Miami and workshops at national craft schools like Penland and Arrowmont. She loves working with unconventional materials, bright colors, and combining technology with traditional processes. She has two cats named Chicken and Broccoli.

Mrs. Ja’Nia



Thursday, July 20 at 12:30pm

In a world full of Singing Cocoa Butterflies with voices so joyful you would want to shout and dance all about! Join LEONA, ELOISE, and ANDY on a coming-of-age journey along with our stubborn but cute chocolatey friend FAT CAT CATERPILLAR!

Lisa Rockford


"Frottage and Watercolor" Workshop

Thursday, July 27 at 12:30pm

Learn from artist Lisa Rockford how to creatively use found objects and textures in unexpected ways, using crayon and watercolor!

Addison Wolff


“Vessels of Life” Workshop

Thursday, August 3 at 12:30pm

Beginning with the dawn of art, humans have illustrated our shared-experiences and rendered our dreams, in the round, on stone and clay. Join artist Addison Wolff, as we learn to draw scenes from our personal histories and imaginations, utilizing bisque-fired ceramic vessels as three-dimensional canvases; looking to record our histories, stories and bring to life our dreams.

Keachia Makeba Bowers


"Song, Dance and Cultural Connection" Movement Workshop

Thursday, August 10 at 12:30pm

Join us for a vibrant and engaging workshop as we immerse ourselves in the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria through the traditional welcoming dance, Fanga Alafia. This dance is not just a physical expression but a heartfelt greeting of good health and peace, bringing people together in harmony.

Keachia Makeba Bowers, Founder & Transformation Coach of Movements for Change, LLC. Keachia’s professional mission is to promote the growth, education and personal development of humanity through mediums of creative therapy, workshop facilitation, cultural preservation, individual/group therapy and community development. Keachia believes in self-empowerment and uses this as her driving force behind her philanthropic tours of Africa and Jamaica with Akoma Healing Arts.