Become a Visionary Volunteer!

Welcome to Young At Art Museum!

By helping children of all ages discover, create and learn, you are essential agents of IMAGINATION ACTIVATION. You are giving us a great gift — your time and talents.  We appreciate your involvement. We are committed to provide you with enriching training opportunities which will help you in a Museum setting and beyond!

This manual will help acquaint you with Young At Art.  It’s also a guide to the procedures of the Volunteer Program.  This site will help answer some of the frequently asked questions.

“Art is a way of recognizing oneself…”
Louise Bourgeois

Thank you so much!!

How do I become a YAA Volunteer?

You must visit www.youngatartmuseum.org/volunteer and fill the application. Other information on how to sign-up for orientation, fees and processes will be given after filling the application.

I can only volunteer for 2 hours but only 4 hour shifts are available. Can I still sign up but leave early?
No. Shift times are made around special programming and staff schedules. Leaving early can leave a program, exhibit, etc. understaffed. Please only sign up for shifts that you can complete.

Is there a maximum amount of hours I can volunteer?
​Volunteers cannot volunteer over 40 hours in a week or 8 hours in a day (not including break).

I’ve graduated from high school but I need community service hours for a traffic ticket/ court order/ scholarship. Can I sign up to volunteer? 
No. Our volunteer program is designed for high school and college students who need community-service hours. Please visit our website at www.youngatartmuseum.org for internships, adult volunteering, especial events and job opportunities if you would like to stay involved.​

Do I have to be an artist to be a YAA volunteer?

No. There are different opportunities to volunteer at the museum. As long as you are willing to help, we are willing to accept it!

When is the next Volunteer Orientation?

Orientations are scheduled based on the amount of volunteer registration received. Recruit your friends or classmates to sign up!


How do I get my hours signed?
When you are ready to collect your hours, please email yaavolunteers@gmail.com to make an appointment to get your hours signed. Please wait for a confirmation before you come to the museum as our managers can be off site for programming.

I volunteered over a year ago and forgot to get my hours signed. Can I still collect them?
Please save all the Sing-In/Sign-Out evidence you have and share it to the Volunteer manager to prepare a letterhead. Please contact yaavolunteers@gmail.com for more information.

What forms do I need to send to request a Verification Letter Request?
Confirm which documents you need with your guidance counselor beforehand. Some schools or scholarships require specialized documents.

My school requires a Letterhead. How can I get one from YAA?
If your school requires a letterhead, you will not need to physically come to the museum. You can request a letterhead by emailing yaavolunteers@gmail.com . The Volunteer Manager will email you a copy.

Is there a deadline for collecting my hours?
Yes. All hours should be collected no later than December 31st each year.

Is there a deadline to request a verification letter?

Yes. Please request a verification letter no later than January 30th each year.

I forgot to sign up online, can I still come in to volunteer?
No. You must sign up at least 24 hours before the event. Please do not forget to sign up ahead of time (at least 24 hours in advance). We make daily schedules for our volunteer shifts and are unable to accommodate walk-in volunteers.

I signed up to volunteer but something came up. How do I cancel my shift?
Please let the Volunteer Manager know via email or phone call if you need to modify or cancel your shift entirely. We expect the volunteers to give at least 24 hour notice.

I have not volunteered in 1+ years. How can I start volunteering again?
Once you complete the application, background check, and orientation. You are eligible to volunteer. Feel free to visit the Volunteer Portal anytime you wish to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

I’m not sure what to do when I get to Young At Art Museum to volunteer.
If you need a refresher, please visit the Volunteer Manual FAQs; ask the Volunteer Manager, ask a YAA staff member or check your email communications.

Can I have another volunteer shirt?
Additional volunteer shirts can be purchased for $15 at the front desk during regular museum hours.