Summer Art Camp

Registration Now Open for 2020 Summer Camp!
Join Us In Person or Virtually  •  9am - 5pm

Register your child based on the grade your child enters in the Fall. Online Registration ends at 12pm the Friday before each camp week. Space is limited to 8 children per class to ensure social distancing. Due to new Covid-19 sanitation procedures, Extended Care and Lunch options will not be available.

New Precautions

We hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. Since the last time we saw you we've done a full air quality cleaning and we are preparing our staff, classrooms, studios and galleries with a thorough sanitation plan and the proper supplies and equipment so that when you return it will be an even safer and cleaner environment than before!

Click here full list of newly implemented COVID guidelines.

Early Childhood Class

Due to safety concerns regarding social distancing for our 3-4 year old campers, we have decided to offer a FREE virtual parent/ child class that will engage our early childhood audiences and encourage creative family memories in lieu of an on-site preschool camp option this summer.

Art Exploration Camp

June 15 - Aug 18  •  Ages 5-6 & 6-12
1 Week Sessions: $285 per session ; Members: $255 per session
Each week is a new adventure with themed projects in a variety of media from ceramics, drawing, painting & mixed media. Experience the museum’s galleries, special guests, movie days and more!

Due to Covid-19, One Day Camps and Session 1 were canceled.
Art Exploration Camp will begin with Session 2 on June 15th.

Session 2: June 15-19 Pop Art Explosion
Pop into art with a week all the food lovers will enjoy. Design a colorful Campbell’s Soup can like Andy Warhol and polka-dot your painted portrait inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.
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Session 3: June 22-26 Mysteries, Clues & Capers 
Become a Super Sleuth and unravel the mystery. Draw your magnifying glass to take a closer look, then record the clues in your handmade secret journal. Construct your own Mystery Van to escape the bad guys.
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Session 4: June 29- July 3 Kawaii Overload 
Get inspired by Japanese Kawaii (Cute) Culture as you sculpt cutie cupcakes made of clay, design a trendy baseball cap and watercolor your own character sundae.
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Session 5: July 6-10 Edge of the Galaxy  
Blast off to places unknown. Paint an array of creatures in your Alien Café. Marbleize the solar system and don your robes for a Jedi self-portrait. May the Force be with you when you attend Teen Comic Con at the end of the week
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Session 6: July 13-17 Jungle Art-Venture  
Welcome to the Jungle! Discover hidden treasures when you design an ancient map and sculpt a treasure chest from clay.
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Session 7: July 20-24 Pineapples Under the Sea 
Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? Paint and print your underwater home, shape clay critter friends, and construct a delicious Krabby Patty from found objects.
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Session 8: July 27-31 Magically Onward  
Embark on an epic adventure as you create mushroom homes, transform yourself into a fairy tale creature and paint your fantastical story.
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Session 9: August 3-7 Palate to Palette  
Feed your inner foodie while you construct a clay taco, sew a soft can of soda pop and build a mix media bento box to delight all your senses!
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Session 10: August 10-14 Do A Little Doolittle 
Hear what the animals are saying. Paint an animal self-portrait, print a honeycomb home for a bee, and illustrate a cityscape of King Kong proportions .
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One Day Camps: Aug 17-18, Art Without Corners Daily Registration: $70; Members: $65
Explore color and shape as you weave and cut designs to construct a 3-D world inspired by Calder and Kandinsky.
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Specialty Camps

Virtual Digital Art Camp

Ages 8-17  •  June 8 - Aug 14
2 Week Sessions: $475 per session | Members: $425 per session
A Limited number of loaner iPads are available to be checked out for the duration of the session. A $250 fully refundable deposit is required and will be returned for iPads that return on-time and in their original condition.

Design digital drawings, special effects, moving pictures and animations as you learn from Emmy Award Winning Artist Rob Cabrera’s Digital Art Curriculum©. Each session introduces new techniques and apps as well as the foundation of illustration principles. Students leave with a USB of their work.

Session 1: June 8-19 Cartoon Universe 
Create anatomically correct human figures in a digital format using the latest industry apps while you sharpen your drawing and storytelling skills. Witness a demonstration for art making in the virtual world .

Session 2: June 22- July 3 Epic Storytelling  
“Draw them in” as you learn captivating story-boarding and animatic techniques through the use of unique character development. Layer your work in multiple apps to bring your worlds to life.

Session 3: July 6-17 Animated World 
Explore a range of imaginative animation options to create GIFs, cartoons and animations. Learn to incorporate special effects into your live-action videos.

Session 4: July 20-31 Branded Graphix 
Design eye popping graphics for your visual brand. Learn how to promote and sell your artwork by designing a logo and an online storefront.

Session 5: Aug 3-14 Virtual Brushstrokes 
Combine traditional media with the latest digital art techniques in an action-packed session designed to improve your overall creativity in digital drawing and painting.

Virtual Video Game Design Camp

Ages 8-17  •  June 22 - 31
2 Week Sessions: $475 per session | Members: $425 per session
A Limited number of loaner iPads are available to be checked out for the duration of the session. A $250 fully refundable deposit is required and will be returned for iPads that return on-time and in their original condition.

Learn how video games are designed and create your own! Daily activities include character design, level building, beginner coding and gallery exploration. Students receive a URL at the end of the session to play their video games.

Session 1: June 22-July 3 Pixel This! 
Use your creative energy to design pixelated video games on the iPad as you bring your own characters to life. Invent new ways to play!

Session 2: July 6- July 17 What's Your Code?  
Deconstruct your favorite video games and rebuild your own innovative version! Learn simple coding to personalize your characters skins and movements.

Session 3: July 20-31 Get Your Game On! 
This is Next Level Art! Focus your game creation of an epic environment, original character design, and lighting techniques in a pixelated world.

Ceramics & Sculpture Camp

Ages 8-14  •  June 8 - July 3
2 Week Sessions: $575 per session | Members: $525 per session | Materials & equipment provided
Discover the exciting process of hand-building and wheel-throwing in our professionally equipped ceramics studio. Construct mixed media masterpieces from an array of materials, blending a variety of techniques and artistic genres. It’s sure to be a “sculptacular” summer!

Session 1: June 8-19 Patterned Perfection 
Draw, scratch, twist and coil to perfect patterns when you create sets of dinnerware inspired by Caitie Miller’s slip transferred creations on the potters wheel and by hand. Complete your collection with textured tiles from plaster and paint.

Session 2: June 22-July 3 Face It 
Give portraiture a new dimension when you create faces from clay and cardboard. Sculpt a face vase into a lamp on the potter’s wheel and focus on your favorite facial feature with hand-built clay boxes.

Drawing Camp

Ages 8-14  •  July 6-10, July 20-24 & Aug 3-7
1 Week Sessions: $285 per session | Members: $260 per session | Materials & tools provided
Use classical drawing techniques as you draw still lives, landscapes and learn methods to create your own masterpieces. Sharpen your drawing skills using charcoal, pen & ink, chalk and oil pastels.

Session 1: July 6-10 Work It Like The Masters 
Explore continuous line drawings and create compositions from chalk & oil pastels. Then take a trip to the I LOVE YOU Sculpture and draw from life.

Session 2: July 20-24 Real to Surreal 
Change your point of view when you zoom in to a still life, pattern your portrait and create a surrealistic world.  Mix color pencils and watercolor to make a candy still life pop, while you shape a dream world using oil pastels. 

Session 3: Aug 3-7 Renaissance & Company 
Develop your eye for light and shadow as you create a charcoal self-portrait, a lino-cut landscape, and a still life using an array of dry media.

Painting Camp

Ages 8-14  •  July 13-17, July 27-31 & Aug 10-14
1 Week Sessions: $285 per session | Members: $260 per session | Materials & tools provided
Unleash your imagination while learning how to compose unique paintings using color and new techniques to paint self portraits, landscapes and more.

Session 1: July 13-17 Cityscapes and Fantastic Objects 
Personify enlarged or shrunken objects in a painted surreal environment. Reflect your city’s perspective in a watercolor self-portrait as you learn the particulars of oil, acrylic and watercolor paint.

Session 2: July 27-31 Destination Art 
Travel though art to discover far off places and new customs and views. Screen patterns to create traditional textures, and mix colors to bring your artwork to life.  

Session 3: Aug 10-14 Painted Perspectives 
Explore painting with acrylic onto an unconventional surface when silhouettes are your subject matter. Learn to use positive and negative shapes and watercolor washes to create a unique selfportrait.

YAA for ALL Camp

Stay tuned for further updates
Fees to be determined
YAA for ALL Art Exploration Camp provides a full day art program for children with varying exceptionalities during Summer Break. Camp will support children in exploring various types of art through a hands-on curriculum that can be modified to meet each child’s needs. Time will be spent exploring the museum’s galleries, interacting with Special Guest Artists, Movie Days, and Library Exploration. YAA for ALL teachers will be ESE certified and accommodations will be implemented by a team of ESE professionals.

YAA for ALL Camp Requirements 
• Diagnosed with a developmental disability, including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, visual impairment and other disabilities.
• Is comfortable in open spaces with a variety of stimuli
• Capable of staying with a group
• Ability to participate in small and large groups
• Responds to and will follow basic group instructions
• Is fully potty trained and can use the restroom facilities without assistance

• Continuously elopes/ runs away
• Ongoing physical aggression- towards others or him/herself
• Needs one-on-one attention
• Uses improper language and behaviors
• Needs assistance going to the bathroom

Pre-Screening Questionnaire
Download and complete our Pre-Screening Questionnaire
then email to

Fees & Discounts

*Discounts can only be redeemed in person and cannot be combined.

A one-time $100 Registration Fee is required per household for the summer.
• 10% OFF when you also register a sibling!

Other Registration Methods

Download, complete and email the the following forms:
•   Revised Registration Form
•   Summer Camp COVID Policy Agreement
•   COVID Questionnaire and Agreement Form

    and email completed form to
•   Call 954-424-5031

Options and Info
 Registration Fee
A one time $100 Registration Fee is required per household for the summer.
 Camp T-Shirt
• T-Shirts are available for purchase at the Museum Store for $12 plus tax
 Terms & Conditions
• The full balance must be paid at time of registration.
• Registration will not be complete for onsite summer programs until?
  Summer Camp Guidelines and Summer Camp Registration Fee
  forms are completed and returned and registration fee is paid.
• No refunds, transfer or make-ups for absences, withdrawals,   
  no-shows or dismissals allowed.
• Campers must turn minimum age before the session in which   
  they are registered begins.
• Campers must be at least 5 years of age and potty trained.
• Campers are grouped by age and grade.*
  *The museum will not promise the pairing of students.
• Campers must bring a labeled bagged lunch with two snacks to
  reduce the handling of food.
• Campers may bring a few camp appropriate toys (dolls, small cars,
  small action figurines, cell phone, tablet, etc.) in place of museum
  play. YAA is not responsible for the loss or damage of these items.


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