Mindy’s Postcards


Awesome ceramic postcard made by Mindy Shrago. Design can vary.

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Celebrating artist, visionary and Young At Art’s founder, Mindy Shrago! Be a Woman of Vision to help keep the Arts alive in our community by supporting YAA’s programming. Young At Art’s mission is to enrich our community through artistic, interactive experiences for all ages which inspire creativity and encourage an understanding of the world in which we live. Mindy’s vision to strengthen our community through Art is seen through YAA’s community initiatives impacting those who need art the most and with YAA creating more accessible interactive spaces to learn, create and experience the power of Art.


  • Acquire a one-of-a-kind hand painted ceramic postcard of a South Florida landscape made by Mindy Shrago
  • Name mentioned on website as Sweet Sunset Level Contributor
  • Postcards will vary from summer skies to moonlit oceans!