Activate your imagination at Young At Art, where excitement and creativity lie around every corner for you to discover. Explore our permanent "scapes" and our changing art galleries where you're bound to find something new and interactive each time.

Nice'n Easy
Through April 26, 2020 | Knight Gallery

Enter a home reimagined by artist duo Nice'n Easy in the shape of an infinity symbol where the furniture and environments are fused with the feel of a subtropical island. Each room within this installation is designed to inspire people of all ages to think about a specific aspect of their life with interactive elements to prompt reflection, creativity and exploration based on the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” or “a reason for being”.

Sponsored by: Castle Residential
2020 Scholastic
Awards Exhibition
February 14 - March 18, 2020 | Museum-Wide

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the country’s longest-running and most prestigious award and recognition program for creative teenagers. After facilitating the judging of this year's submissions YAA is proud to present over 200 works by the 2020 gold and silver key winners in sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, digital, video game design and more throughout the museum as well as works receiving an honorable mention.

Click here for more info about the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Welcome to You & Me
Jen Clay
Through March 29, 2020 | ConTemporary Gallery

Step into the imaginative world of multidisciplinary artist Jen Clay and be immersed in vivid textile works, digitally mapped projections, and soft-sculptures created for this transformative, site-specific exhibition. Hand-made textile sculptures meet digital touch-screens and projections in this playful new environment encouraging exploration and hands-on interaction as visitors are given the chance to move sculptures inside the installtion and interact with Clay’s original characters on in an interactive digital artwork.

Presented by: FPL SolarNow
Mural Museum
Ongoing | Museum-Wide

YAA is excited to present a larger than life exhibition featuring murals by South Florida’s most exciting artists along with artist’s with strong ties to the South Florida community. Currently on view our murals by David Anasagasti, Francesco Lo Castro, MILAGROS collective, Gustavo Oviedo, Raul Santos, Kenny Scharf, Tati Suarez and Michelle Weinberg. Keep on the lookout for an the addition of new murals as this exhibition will continue to change and grow over time.

Presented by: Funding Arts Broward

Permanent Exhibit Galleries
Where Art Is The Answer
ArtScapes is a thematic journey of art history where art crosses time, place and culture. The exhibit uses both real art and replicas in graphic ways to create contemporary, theme-oriented environments based on a child’s view of the world.

The Cave features 5,000 years of images of art and its histories set to music, encouraging you and your child to leave a message on the cave’s walls. 10,000 Slides lets your child curate their own exhibit. Avenue A welcomes you to “ride” a New York subway and explore graffiti as a source of creative expression.
Where Artful Traditions Are Celebrated
CultureScapes celebrates and brings new understanding of our culturally diverse world through the eyes and art of contemporary artists from Haiti, Latin America, Cuba, Africa and Asia. You and your child will discover how an artist interprets his or her culture and traditions, how the artist’s culture, traditions and environment influence their art and how the artist lives and works in their studio environment.

CultureScapes features an array of installations and cultural experiences by internationally renowned artists including Haitian artist Edouard Duval Carrie, Cuban artist Leonel Matheu, African artist Chisseko Kondowe, Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono.
Where Informed Choices Shape the Earth
GreenScapes encourages you and your child to reconnect with nature, discovering the potential of art to call attention to environmental issues. By making art that conserves and protects, GreenScapes proves that art and the environment are interconnected in a myriad of ways.

NatureScapes draws inspiration from legendary Earthwork Artists, letting you build sculptures from natural materials. Artist Pablo Cano brings his marionettes made from recycled materials to life in Pablo’s Magical Workshop & Theater. Your child’s imagination will soar as they create their own Cano-inspired puppets and stage their own puppetry performance alongside life-sized marionettes created by Cano himself. STOMP lets you and your child make musical instruments from discarded objects and then stomp to the beat of the internationally acclaimed percussion group in a blue-screen musical performance filled with fun.
Where Imagination Begins
WonderScapes is an artful journey of words, music, play and literacy for children from birth to age 5. WonderScapes is based on the imagery of illustrator DeLoss McGraw, whose version of Alice in Wonderland won the Illustrator’s Society Book of the Year Award.

Alice’s Pool stimulates fantasy play and builds vocabulary. The March Hare’s House & Tea Party conveys the concept of scale through sights and sounds, a place where role-play and imagination rule. Alice’s Art & Games encourages children to create art, copy geometric shapes, identify colors and use letters to accompany their illustrations. Alice's Reading Forest provides a soft-sculptured area for reading with your child or socializing with other parents in a comfortable environment.
 Past Exhibits
Design YAA

Oct 20, 2017 – April 21, 2018
Take a journey down the intersection of art and design in this two-part exhibition of interactive, immersive installations: Knight Club by nationally exhibited muralists MILAGROS Collective and are you ok: i think i love you by Miami-based performance artist sleeper. These artists have entirely transformed YAA’s main exhibition galleries into design-scapes of pattern, activity and play.

XOXO | An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness
Created by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, this exhibit invites children to explore the power of love by sharing stories, creating videos and engaging in a makerspace that fosters the art of making and giving.

Palindrome Park | Francesco Lo Castro
Palindrome Park is an immersive installation where children can enter the geometric and colorful world of the artist, Francesco Lo Castro. Kids can dive into a ball pit where they can interact with shapes, view 3D artworks, and then build their own palindrome sculpture. By the end of their journeys, children are taught how to create order and balance, which is an integral component of becoming a compassionate person.

On View: June 10 - September 10

Young At Art Museum is electrified to present Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech, a survey of the relationship between art and technology. This eight-month line of programming will evolve over its tenure and span the entire museum. Through the event’s various manifestations, visitors will learn about a broad range of technological developments and their effects on art both before and after the turn of the 21st century. By striking a balance between structure and adaptability, Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech is constructed to both teach and learn in order to foster understanding and discussion without restraining itself by definite limits.

The boundaries between inventors, artists, scientists, engineers and technologists are becoming more blurred each and every day. The museum will serve as a central point for these parties to exhibit art, lead talks and conduct workshops providing participants with the opportunity to examine a variety of exciting ideas and their applications in art and technology. Whether from antiquated to innovative, static to kinetic, or physical to digital, Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech will compare and contrast the changes in art and technology through exploration and interaction. By looking into human inventions, we will gain a sense of introspection, becoming more self-aware. Via new materials and media, interesting manufacturing processes and variations in traditional crafts and design, visitors will be able to appreciate how a slight intervention can have a colossal impact on art and culture.

Featuring END USER with work by:
Mattia Casalegno, Coral Morphologic, Ron Erlih, Jessie Laino, Sri Prabha, Oliver Sanchez, Martin Scheeler, Jonathan Rockford & Joe Winograd
January 30 – May 29, 2016
Magic & Mayhem is an exhibition exploring the cultural impact of iconic toys and the passion of collecting, curated by YAA's design team in conjunction with artists and local collectors. The exhibit features two of the most iconic toys of the past decades - Transformers® and My Little Pony®.

The Art of Collecting area will feature murals, sculpture, photography and mixed media by contemporary artists who are inspired by iconic toys and their passion for collecting.

Featured artists representing South Florida are Christopher Ian MacFarlane, Rob Cabrera, Samantha Salzinger, Amanda Covach and Tatiana Suarez. Other contributing artists include JeongMee Yoon, Ruben Santurian, Eli Barak, Autumn Casey, Charles Richard Clary and Oliver Laric. The exhibit includes two large wall murals painted by MacFarlane and Suarez. Another wall will feature a photographic display by Yoon, whose work documents children and their toy collections. Along the hallway leading visitors into the Knight Gallery, there will be several sculptural works, known as TRASH-formers, by Santurian, created from recycled metal and other materials. Barak and Casey will exhibit their various works throughout the Knight Gallery. Cabrera, Covach and Salzinger will all contribute to interactive experiences in the Orientation Gallery.

Interactive stations will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the collector. In the Collector's Alley, displays of collections will be intertwined with first-hand accounts from local collectors about how and why they collect. In the Toy Store, visitors will build their own Transformer-inspired bots, design their own Pony-inspired silhouettes and use iPads to create stop motion short films.

Featured toy collectors are Luis Amado, Transformers®, and Stewart Montague, My Little Pony®
Leah Brown
Transformation of Echo: World of Dreams
by Leah Brown
June 6th 2015 - January 3rd, 2016

Leah Brown is a South Florida-based artist that captures the state of mind between something real and something imaginary. Transformation of Echo: World of Dreams is hauntingly eye-catching, featuring a fabric landscape and video projection over towering figures cloaked in white. The magnificent pieces are created from clay, found objects, fabric and hair, which are then cast into plaster and reinforced with fiberglass to create a dreamlike wonderland.
Sri Prabha
Sri Prabha | Orbiting Cathedrals
January 24th - August 30th, 2015

This exhibit encompasses the museums' Orientation Gallery and utilizes the adjacent permanent exhibits, The Cave, and 10,000 Slides. Through kinetic imagery and sound, participants are propelled on a far-away journey outside the stratosphere. Prabha's interactive and dynamic installation uses multi-video projections, mixed media, sound, and photo-based works to transcend physical space. No bystanders, viewers are transformed into explorers on a mission to decode their purpose.

Sri Prabha is originally from Hyderabad, India. His artistic training includes the Cornish College of the Arts and he also holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Themes he investigates include scientific discoveries such as quantum foam, images from the Hubble Telescope and knowledge gained from deep-sea exploration vehicles. Additionally, he integrates into his aesthetic process tenants of geography, nature, time, human origins and the cosmos. Prabha reconciles the old and new by synthesizing deeper understandings of our relationship to the natural world.
Guerra De La Paz
Guerra De La Paz | Nefelibata - Cloud Walker
January 24th - May 3rd, 2015

This site-specific, inter-disciplinary installation in Young At Art's Knight Gallery will host an atmospheric, spatial exploration of suspended animation, where the viewer becomes an unscripted performer in this extrasensory experience centered around a metaphoric interpretation of a cloud, that through sight and sound, both emits and absorbs. Though the clouds in the sky are key to life on earth as we know it, there are new clouds emerging, those of accumulative data. One is molecular, the other mathematical and by combining these formations, we take into account the fiber of our very own existence.

*Guerra de la Paz is the composite name that represents the creative team efforts of Cuban born artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz who live and work in Miami, and have been collaborating since 1996.

Their work has been exhibited internationally in an array of art institutions, with their most recent solo projects at the Aichi Triennale, Okazaki, Japan, Augeo Art Space, Rimini, Italy, Biennale Internationale du lin de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada, Kurumaya Museum, Oyama, Japan and in at the Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland.

Most recently, Guerra de la Paz was commissioned by Wooyoungmi Paris to create a body of new sculptural works in collaboration with their 2014 Fall/Winter Campaign, beginning with a solo exhibition at their MANMADE - Wooyoungmi Lifestyle Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

Their work is in numerous public and private international collections.