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Keep your children artistically engaged at home as we bring you virtual tours of our interactive art galleries, downloadable art activities and creative prompts by special guest artists designed to keep your family's creative juices flowing!

Special Guest Artist Activities

Ignite the imagination of your young artists at home with art activities designed by professional guest artists that you can easily create with common art making supplies and recycled materials! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook as we post the art you create in a digital showcase of the creativity of our community.

by Lisa Rockford

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Next Project
Tuesday, May 26

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In The Shade
by Raul Santos

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ATOMIK Oranges

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Continuous Line Drawings
by Nice'n Easy

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Flip-Up Visual Stories
inspired by Leonel Matheu

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Flora Coloring Book
by Philip Lique

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Environmental Puzzles
by Mindy Shrago

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Recycled Puppets
inspired by Pablo Cano

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Paper Pavement Inspired Prints
inspired by Nick Gilmore

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Shoebox Dioramas
by Christopher Ian Macfarlane

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& original cartoon Midnight Snack!

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Collaged Faces
inspired by Pepe Mar

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by Gustavo Oviedo

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with Jen Stark

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Cardboard Stories
By Ali Shrago-Spechler

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Character Creation Challenge & Coloring Book
By David Anasagasti

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Collaborative YAYA
Design Challenge

Inspired by Friends With You

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Virtual Museum Tours

Explore the Museum at Home with Interactive 360 Views of Each Gallery Space!

by Nice N Easy

Enter a home reimagined by Miami artist duo Nice'n Easy in the shape of an infinity symbol where the furniture and environments are fused with the feel of a subtropical island.

Welcome to You & Me
by Jen Clay

Step into the imaginative, soft sculptural world of Jen Clay and make friends with her original characters within this vivid textile installation.

Scholastic Art
Awards Exhibition

Explore this museum-wide exhibition of artwork by the talented young Broward winners of the 2020 Scholastic Art Awards.

Kenny's Closet
by Kenny Scharf

Pop through this dayglow dream world of blacklit surprises, original characters and hidden images by legendary street artist Kenny Scharf.

I Love You

Step outside the museum into YAA's iconic, public I LOVE YOU sculpture, designed by R&R Studios at home with someone you love!
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Explore the world of Alice in WonderScapes, YAA's gallery for ages 5 & Under, based on the imagery of DeLoss McGraw, whose illustrations won the Illustrator’s Society Book of the Year Award.


ArtScapes is a thematic journey through art history and contemporary art where you can ride a subway, go on an archeological dig, star in your own gameshow and get lost in a surrealist maze!


Reconnect with nature in Greenscapes where art and the environment meet! Enter Pablo Cano's Magical Workshop & Theater and learn about earth-art in NatureScapes.


Make musical instruments from discarded objects and then STOMP to the beat of the internationally acclaimed percussion group in a blue-screen musical performance!

YAA On The Go Video Art Projects

Each week, join a teaching artist from the Young At Art Institute for an in-depth video art activity video showing you how to create with materials from around the house as well as professional art terms, methods and techniques! Stay tuned for Story & Art Time with Ms. Marie for early childhood participants, At Home Studio Time with Ms. Sue where kids and parents can create art using recycled materials and Digital Media Slam with Ms. Simona to engage teens with digital art demonstrations and tutorials.

Ball Bounce Animation

Let’s get digital! This three part tutorial will take you step by step as you create a bouncing ball animation with Ms. Simona from the Young At Art Institute! Download the free app FlipaClip to your phone or tablet and get ready to animate with the videos below:

Ball Bounce Animation Part 1
Ball Bounce Animation Part 2: Trajectory
Ball Bounce Animation Part 3: Shading & Detail

Send us your completed ball bounce animations!

Coffee Stain Painting

Did you know that you can paint with coffee? Enjoy this fun art lesson by Ms. Sue as she walks you through painting a still-life using with... you guessed it- COFFEE! Gather the following materials: 3 oz. of room temperature coffee, paintbrush, white paper (preferably card-stock or a thick paper), pencil, eraser, pen, napkin, and a few items for your still life.

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Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Gather your little ones for a special story-time and art activity with Ms. Marie, Director of the Young At Art Institute! You’ll listen to the book I Went Walking by Sue Williams and illustrated by Julie Vivas followed by step by step instructions showing you how to create handmade binoculars to take on your next family walk. You'll need the following materials: 2 toilet paper tubes, crayons, markers, scissors, yarn or ribbon, tape, a small paintbrush and water cup.

Send us pictures of you with your binoculars to be featured on YAA's Facebook & Instagram!

Shoebox Dioramas
by Christopher Ian Macfarlane

Christopher Ian Macfarlane is an interdisciplinary artist who uses dioramas, or small scenes made inside a box, as backgrounds for his animations like "Midnight Snack", included in this video introduction Create your own miniature scene inside a box from around your house using this video and downloadable instruction booklet and email us your diorama by April 28 for the chance to have yours selected by the artist who will create an animation inside your mini-scene and send you an original artwork!

Collaged Neighborhoods

Ms. Sue teaches you to make a collaged view of your neighborhood, based on the art of Romare Bearden. Materials you'll need include: paper scraps (magazines, junk mail, receipts, wrapping paper), scissors, glue, piece of cardboard, marker or pen, and your imagination!

Send us your collaged neighborhoods to be featured on YAA's Facebook & Instagram!

South Florida PBS Virtual Tours

iSpy 360

Join Kidvision Pre-K on an iSpy 360° adventure through YAA and learn new vocabulary words!


Step into the otherworldly realm of LightScapes with a spoken tour by the exhibition's creator Haiiileen.

Virtual Field Trip

Come along on a field trip to Young At Art Museum with Mrs. Penny and the KidVision Pre-K Kids.

YAA For All Resources
for Children with Autism & Sensory Integration Sensitivities

As a UM-NSU CARD Autism Friendly Partner, YAA is committed to making our programs inclusive and accessible to all. YAA at Home provides a safe space for all to explore the museum and create guided art projects from the comfort of your own home or mobile device. Use the social narrative below to help navigate this page and look out for a step by step Task Analysis included with some activities.

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