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Have an ARTrageous adventure at YAA! Our popular camp allows your child to hone their creative abilities by taking part in instructor-led art activities and to unleash their playful side by exploring our exciting, hands-on exhibit galleries. Other activities include visits to our on-site library, interactive workshops with professional artists, outdoor play days, movie days and more!

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Online registration ends at 2pm the day prior to any given camp to ensure proper registration. Walk-in registrations are still available, however, some camps have a limited capacity. Please call and confirm availability of a desired camp to ensure space.

    One Day Camps •  Ages 3-4, Ages 5-12 • 9am-5pm

No School Days
On no school days and holidays, take advantage of our exciting daily themes, art activities, and museum exploration.

One Day Camp | May 25th
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$55 per day Members
$60 per day Non-Members
$15 per day Extended care
       (8am-9am & 5pm-6pm)
$8 per day YAA Lunch & Snacks

2018 Summer Camps

9am - 5pm  •  Extended Care & Lunch Available

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Art Exploration Camp
June 4 - Aug 4  •  Ages 3-4 & 5-12

Drawing & Painting Camp
July 9 - 13  •  Ages 8-14

Fashion Design Camp
June 24 - July 6 & July 30 - Aug 10
Ages 10-14

Digital Art
& Film Camp

June 11 - Aug 10
Ages 8-14

Ceramics &
Sculpture Camp

June 11 - 22
& July 16 - 27

Ages 8-14

Art Exploration Camp

Ages 3-4 & 5-12  •  1 Week Sessions
Members: $235 per session | Non-Members: $260 per session

Session 1 | June 11-15: Saturday Morning Cartoons
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Explore and be inspired by our brand new exhibit Saturday Morning Cartoons! Sculpt your favorite cereal using air-dry clay in a colorful collaged bow and add painted pixels to a Roy Lichtenstein masterpiece.

Session 2 | June 18-22: Foodies Love Art
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Yum-Yum! Camp is sweet when you create lifelike replicas of your most beloved treats! Make a frosty ceramic ice cream cone and order up an Oldenburg hamburger sketchbook that will really cut the mustard.

Session 3 | June 25-29: Broadway the YAA Way
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Bring your talents to the stage as we put on a YAA Broadway Spectacular. Design show- stopping sets and dazzling costumes as we perform selections from Wizard of Oz, Beauty and Beast and Mary Poppins on Friday, June 29th.

Session 4 | July 2-6: Sound Art
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Amplify your creativity! Sound is the material as you experiment with noise and pattern to make works of art. Then you’ll move to the beat when you design wearable “sound suits” inspired by artist Nick Cave.
*No Camp July 4th (save $25)

Session 5 | July 9-13: What's Your Game?
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Design and play the interactive way! Challenge your friends to a “TAKE- THAT” style card game and paint an “8-bit” character portrait. Then, get outdoors in a Quidditch Color War.

Session 6 | July 16-20: In a Museum Far Far Away...
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Journey to a galaxy where art rules! Design a clay space transport and your very own light saber to defend against the empire forces. Join your intergalactic friends at our YAA Comic Con on Friday July 20th.

Session 7 | July 23-27: The Art of Rock N' Roll
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Dance and sing to chart busting hits! Mold your own clay microphone and depict yourself as the superstar you are. Be the first to jam out on the YAA YouTube Channel.

Session 8 | July 30 - Aug 3: Day Glow Expressions
Click here to register Ages 5-12  |   Click here to register Ages 3-4
Dream in neon colors as you step into the alternate universe of Kenny’s Magical Closet. Then, get messy dripping and pouring acrylic onto canvas and make a lasting impression when you paint your face with fluorescent patterns.

Session 9 | Aug 6-10: Steampunk | Ages 5-12 Only
Click here to register Weekly: $235 Members / $260 Non-Members
Click here to register Daily:
$55 Members / $60 Non-Members
Revolutionize simple machines into marvelous sci-fi creations. Merge a vintage look with technology to create your very own steampunk goggles. Time stands still when you assemble gears and fittings onto a functional clock.

ONE DAY CAMPS | Aug 13-14: I Spy Art
Ages 5-12 Only

Click here to register Daily: $55 Members / $60 Non-Members
Keep your eyes peeled when you create visual puzzles inspired by Sebastian Masuda and Where’s Waldo.

Ceramics & Sculpture Camp

Ages 8-14  •  2 Week Sessions
Members: $500 per session | Non-Members: $550 per session

Session 1 | June 11-22: California Clay Rush
Experience the movement that started a revolution in the clay world. Make a wacky self-portrait inspired by Robert Arneson and otherworldly forms in the style of Ken Price. Wedge and press clay together to create a vessel informed by Don Reitz.

Session 2 | July 16-27: Famous Female Sculptors
Play with shapes, patterns and colors as you learn to transform 2-D design to 3-D ceramic sculptures inspired by Betty Woodman. Hand build a captivating clay figure in the style of Christine Federighi and set the table for fun with the inspiration of Judy Chicago.

Drawing & Painting Camp

Ages 8-14  •  1 Week Session
Members: $260 per session | Non-Members: $285 per session

Session 1 | July 9-13: Master the Classics
Learn the old rules to remix new styles as you create classically remastered masterpieces. Paint landscapes outside inspired by the Florida Highwaymen using the technique of Impasto, create a miniature stained glass as a vitrelle painting and learn the age old style of Chiaroscuro perfected by Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

Fashion Design Camp

Ages 10-14  •  2 Week Sessions
Members: $500 per session | Non-Members: $550 per session

Session 1 | June 24- July 6: Simple Threads
Step up your wardrobe with a few simple but beautiful pieces. Wrapped skirts and silk screened bags will make your summer style sparkle. Twist and turn as you show off your creations at a fashion show at the end of the week.

Session 2 | July 30- Aug 10: Fairytale Fashion
Live the fantasy when you create your own fairytale style. Construct fluttering capes, charming cat ears, and flowy vests. Show off your creations at a fashion show at the end of the week.

Digital Art & Film Camp

Ages 8-14  •  2 Week Sessions
Members: $500 per session | Non-Members: $550 per session

Session 1 | June 11-22: Pencil Vs. Stylus
Sharpen your skills and upgrade your art. Learn the latest drawing and painting techniques used by professional movie and video game concept artists. This session is 50% sketchbook, 50% iPad and 100% fun!

Session 2 | June 25 - July 6: Graphics In Motion
Assemble an animated package that will WOW the critics! From GIFS to videos, your art will come to life while using the infinite possibilities of motion graphics.

Session 3 | July 9-20: The Movie Session
Rob Cabrera wants YOU! Emmy Award winning animator Rob Cabrera is making a new movie and needs your help to animate it! Experience a fun studio atmosphere while you collaborate with Rob and your friends to create an animated blockbuster film. Screen your movie at our YAA Comic Con on Friday, July 20th.

Session 4 | July 23 - Aug 3: Social Media Fun
Snap, Post and Share fun and artistic edits. Learn to design popular memes and alter photos in crazy and creative ways to build your social media empire.

Session 5 | Aug 6-10: Digital Media Mashup
One Week Session | $260 Members / $285 Non-Members
Bring out the best in your artwork as you combine drawing, painting, animation and motion graphics in this entertaining collection of media styles. What a GREAT way to end the summer!

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• 10% OFF when you also register a sibling!
• $100 OFF when you register and pay in full for any
    4 or more weeks of Summer Camp*
*Offer expires May 5th, 2018

Other Registration Methods

Other Registration Methods:
•   Download our registration form and email completed
    form to ArtInstitute@YoungAtArtMuseum.org
•   Call 954-424-5031

Options and Info
 Extended Care
• $70 per week
8 - 9am and 5 - 6pm
• Campers dropped off before 8:45am or picked up after 5:00pm
  will automatically be charged $15 daily
 Lunch & Snack
• Available for purchase: $40 weekly, Fridays only $8
• Weekly lunch order form is due 1 week prior to first day of each session
• If not purchasing museum lunch and snack, please send your child
  with a labeled, non-perishable lunch & 2 nutritious snacks daily
 Camp T-Shirt
• T-Shirts are available for purchase at the Museum Store for $12 plus tax
 Terms & Conditions
• Pre-registration is required at least one week in advance of the start of
  the session with a 50% deposit.
• The full balance must be paid by the first day of the session.
• No refunds, transfer or make-ups for absences, withdrawals,
  no-shows or dismissals allowed.
• Campers must turn minimum age before the session in which
  they are registered begins.
• Campers must be at least 3 years of age and potty trained.
• Campers are grouped by age.*
  *The museum will not promise the pairing of students.


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